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Hi! My name is Diego, but you can call me by my username, Vanilla. I make videos and posts about books that I've just read. Hope that you like it!

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Update Log #2: I lost a contest, exams, and unfinished business

Posted by TheVanillaLog - October 18th, 2018

Hey, guys! So it has been a month since I've posted a status update, so why not just jump into it?

Firstly, I lost a contest. If you do not know, I joined this event called the HG Wells Short Story competition. Basically, I had to write a story in under 5,000 words, and if you win, you get a cash prize that is worth 1000 pounds! It iss crazy! Unfortunately, I am not that skilled enough, and when the shortlists were announced, my name wasn't there. Welp. 

After crying in the corner for god knows how long, I realized that I should stop being a big pussy about the outcome of the situation and write another story for ANOTHER competition that I would not announce the name of it until I either win or lost.  Speaking of which, writing this update made me think that I am not as good in writing a story as I am complaining about another person's story. Man, it makes you think that you don't have the right to accuse a story as bad if you can't even make a good one of your own. It is kind of ironic when you think about it. 

Secondly, I have exams this month, and if it had not exist, I would have made a halloween special! Yeah... so to tell you the whole story, I was just surfing through the net, when I suddenly got bored from watching the same old minecraft videos and decided to make a script for a spooky-themed video for October 31st. I was just done with page one of the script, and when I was about to make the second, all hell broke lose: Final exams, college entrance exams, and unfinished requirements for school! Man, what a holy trinity to make a religion out of! It is as if school is getting "harder" and that it is preparing us for IRL shit. Oh wait. They are? 

In summary, no matter how much I want to ignore school (unlike some youtube animators), education is still hurting me with its hooked whip until I graduate college. Hell, maybe it won't stop, and education is just going to be replaced with a career that's ever-so demanding. Man, what a cycle that humankind has subjected themselves into. I am Vanilla in the middle of an existential crisis, and I will see you at some point in time.