Am I dead?

2017-09-29 05:42:47 by TheVanillaLog

No, I am not, you overdramatic person. I know that I said in an early video that I will be back to making videos, but as you can tell by my latest video, "condiments", I am leaving my zero-punctuation-ish animatics to a more animated video style that leans more to the style of some famous internet animators like the odd1sout or domics (Not that I am copying them or anything. It still feels like a vanillalog video). Keeping that in mind, I find it hard to balance my time when I have to study more often than ever before. Yes, I am homeschool, but if it wasn't clear in my earlier vids, I am in a homeschool PROGRAM. It still functions the same as homeschool, but you are also being graded by people running the said program. So that means if I don't study, I am going to flunk high school. And I know that some of you might say: "Well, go back to your old animatic format! That way, you can save time!". I don't like to go back to my old style. It just feels dull and I can't even watch my old videos the same way again. I am more of a "quality over quantity" guy if you don't know.

So what to expect now? Well, let's just say that my upload schedule is now off the table. I guess you can wait till the christmas season or summer vacation wherein I can finally be free and start getting a mindset to this crappy schedule. But for now, be patient, alright?


Some Design Changes

2017-08-25 08:57:26 by TheVanillaLog

Hey, guys. Wow. I earn two fans from my "condiments" video. (Plus a friend named LackingInverse. I respect you, man). Anyway, I want to let you guys know about this "design change" that I am going to add in my next video. It's not that big of a deal. I added a little shading and made the hair a little darker. Let me know what you think of it.6148437_150366558093_0.png


2017-08-21 17:49:42 by TheVanillaLog

Hey, guys! I just wanted to thank you guys for the support on the latest video. Even if it's only two stars, the reviews were greatly appreciated!

Hey, guys. Sorry for the late upload. My video is currently under judgement and I had a few uploading problems. BTW, thanks to Tom Fulp for helping me with the upload! 

New video out soon!

2017-08-03 21:30:18 by TheVanillaLog

For the people that are from youtube and are waiting for my next video, I will post a video HERE in a little while. The video will be uploaded to youtube tomorrow because I have to add a little "short" in the beginning. It ain't going to be that different, but I hope you enjoy the first video I will ever upload to newgrounds that wasn't uploaded to youtube.  

Hey, guys. So I just made a newgrounds page. Now, they said that newgrounds is just as irrelevant as myspace (I don't even know what myspace is) but being the one who never heard of this site before, I see that newgrounds is a LOT better than youtube and plus, I get to make this little "posts" wherein I can update on you guys without making a lazy video. YAY! I am still keeping my youtube channel, open. This is just a place to be more social and I might even upload my videos here first before I upload it to youtube... just saying. For now, enjoy some reuploads. I will post some new content soon!